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This book is very different from what you have seen, and employs a very different approach. Thus it can help you towards real wealth or financial independence in a very simple and credible way. The methods are those used by one of the country's best investors, with a documented record, resulting in huge gains over many years.
4 Critical Factors

BASM: The four factors that all the great companies as well as the greatest stocks have in common. Learning to recognize great BASM is key to becoming wealthy....

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Louis Rukeyser's Wall Street - InterviewFew growth-stock managers could match Frederick Kobrick in the 1990s. As Louis Rukeyser wrote in November 1999, Fred was "one of the finest managers of the entire bull market"; Peter Lynch calls him "one of the best stockpickers I have ever met." After 14 years as an alalyst and portfolio manager at Wellington Management, Fred moved to State Street Research in 1985 and eventually ran State Street Research Capitol Fund, one of the top-performing mid-cap-growth funds of the era.

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