Why This Book ?
Can this book make you rich?

This book is very different from what you have seen, and employs a very different approach. Thus it can help you towards real wealth or financial independence in a very simple and credible way. The methods are those used by one of the country's best investors, with a documented record, resulting in huge gains over many years.
4 Critical Factors

BASM: The four factors that all the great companies as well as the greatest stocks have in common. Learning to recognize great BASM is key to becoming wealthy....

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Physician's Money Digest (April2007)Growth companies that multiply an investor's money by 2.5 times, 100 times, or even between 400 and 600 times - let alone the truly big companies like Wal-Mart at over 19,000 times - have four great characteristics. You can quickly and easily learn how to identify these characteristics by using common sense.

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