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Can this book make you rich?

This book is very different from what you have seen, and employs a very different approach. Thus it can help you towards real wealth or financial independence in a very simple and credible way. The methods are those used by one of the country's best investors, with a documented record, resulting in huge gains over many years.
4 Critical Factors

BASM: The four factors that all the great companies as well as the greatest stocks have in common. Learning to recognize great BASM is key to becoming wealthy....

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Fred KobrickFRED KOBRICK Investor, author

Fred Kobrick graduated from Boston University's College of Arts and Sciences in 1969, close to the top of his class and first in economics. He went on to Harvard Business School. There, he earned his MBA in 1971 and graduated first in the investments course, and began his professional invesment career.

Kobrick started his career as a profesisonal investor as a security analyst at Wellington Managment Company and distiguished himself with analysis and stock picks, and soon was given stock portfolios to manage.

Over his career, he invested to create one of the best public and documented investment records in the United States

His top investment results came from techniques that he began with and then refined over years and decades, learning more and more from those great companies and managements that he successfully invested in. Those are the techniques described in The Big Money.

He developed and used his techniques of looking at business models and managements as he met with small companies then going public, and larger growth companies, as well.   Over the years, he met with Bill Gates when Bill brought Microsoft public, Bernie Marcus when he brought Home Depot public, Michael Dell, Dell, Phil Knight, founder of Nike, and countless more companies, spending more and more time with the managements of those companies that would become the great ones. This all became the foundation for Fred Kobrick's investment results and the instructive and interesting stories in the book.


  • Has run mutual funds as well as hedge funds for high net worth individuals
  • Included in Money Magazine cover story “Our Six Funds of the Decade”, 1996
  • One of the top 5 funds in America for entire bull market, 15 years, USA Today ranking, 1997
  • Boston Globe, “Best Investors of the ‘90’s” ranking and article.
  • KOBRICK CAPITAL FUND: Included in USA Today ALL-STAR Mutual FUNDS, and won All-Star Fund of the Year, 1998 and 1999, ONLY mutual fund to ever win twice.
  • Style of understanding managements and corporate strategies frequently cited in publications
  • Expertise in technology and tech strategies—has visited tech managements for over 3 decades
  • Has appeared on Wall Street Week with Louis Rukeyser, CNNfn, and has been a frequent guest on CNBC