Why This Book ?
Can this book make you rich?

This book is very different from what you have seen, and employs a very different approach. Thus it can help you towards real wealth or financial independence in a very simple and credible way. The methods are those used by one of the country's best investors, with a documented record, resulting in huge gains over many years.
4 Critical Factors

BASM: The four factors that all the great companies as well as the greatest stocks have in common. Learning to recognize great BASM is key to becoming wealthy....

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"I think this is a great book because it offers practical advice that the average investor can understand and use. There is no magic formula, no complex set of strategies, and no attempt at predicting the future.

Mr. Kobrick dispenses quality advice in what is normally a sea of crystal ball gazing."

- My Money Forest, review

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"A fascinating book that is equally useful to the individual investor and the professional. The book's system of focus on fundamentals [BASM and Seven Steps] is refreshing in these days of consensus investing and short term trading. The war stories about important companies are both entertaining and informative. The investment returns available from these well known companies challenges the investor to be both selective and patient. The book does a good job laying-out a way [BASM and Seven Steps] that is instructive to the individual and a great reminder for the professional. I read it twice and recommend that anyone interested in investing does the same. It will help you avoid many of the fads and mistakes being made today."

- Gene Tremblay, Jackson Hole, WY.

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"It's exciting to see how he so clearly articulates his approach without being intimidating to a layperson. I've even begun using his BASM paradigm to explain to my children what "buy low and sell high" really means. This book is a standout! " 

- Mel Berger, Boston

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"I have always been afraid that trying to get rich with stocks, I would lose a lot of my money, since I cannot see competing with the pros. This book has changed my mind, and made me feel that I can really do it. I am going to start now.
I just read your epilogue and thought it was a great way to end your book.  It reinforced the compelling message of focusing on a few important elements for investing and underscores for the reader the way they should be thinking about ideas from the book when they start to invest.  I particularly like the comparisons to a scout, because as you say in your book, it's a big part of what people should be looking for when they invest: talent placed in the right context with the right opportunities.  Reading the epilogue makes me want to read your book again, in fact.  And I think I will."
- Steve Chung, NYC attorney
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"I have read over 30 books on investing but this is the first one I have ever read that I believe can truly help make me rich."

- Daniel B., Columbus, Ohio.

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"When I saw that Frederick Kobrick had published a book, I knew I had to read it. With a title like The Big Money, how could I resist?

The Big Money: Seven Steps to Picking Great Stocks and Finding Financial Security may seem like an overblown title, it really is not. For the past 30 years, Kobrick has been one of the top investors in the country....

Kobrick definitely has put a lot of effort into this book. For his big stock picks, he goes through his thought process (it looks like he kept all of his notebooks!). He then goes through the critical junctures for the companies. When was a problem temporary? Or when was it time to sell?

Kobrick also points out that he was greatly restricted as a portfolio manager. For instance, if his Cisco holding grew tremendously, he would be forced to sell so as to ensure diversification.

But of course, this is not a problem for individual investors. And if a great stock becomes a big part of your portfolio, that's fine. According to Kobrick, it takes only a couple of great stocks to help your away along the path to wealth."

- Tom Taulli for The Motley Fool

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"Here's how to make it! One of the great masters of the market, Fred Kobrick, offers up the lessons of a lifetime. The big Money reads like a novel and teaches without pain. For those among us whose investment strategies are sometimes marred by timidity, impatience, the wrong information, or simple greed, Fred's approach can build assets and perhaps even character."

- Henry Scammell, Equities Magazine

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"One of the best stock pickers I have ever met...This book breaks new ground."   

- Peter Lynch